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Dr. Neda Kadivar,


Born in Iran, Dr. Neda Kadivar obtained her Doctoral of Dental Surgeon (D.D.S) from the prestigious Mashad University of Medical Sciences. After graduation, Dr. Kadivar honed her skills and learned the dentistry business by observing and working with top dental professionals over the next 7 years before opening her own practice in Iran. She has more than 20 years of experience in providing high-quality dental care through a variety of services.

After moving to Canada, she successfully completed the NDEB Equivalency Process and Board Exams in 2014 in first attempt. Her practice philosophy is based on mutual trust, respect, and openness. Dr. Kadivar stays up to date regarding advanced techniques and materials in modern dentistry by studying journal articles and books and by regularly attending dental seminars which helps her improve patient outcomes with more predictable results. Her dedication to continuing education is reflected in her involvement in “ConfiDentist Group Corp” which is a professional training and educational institution that prepares internationally trained dentists on their quest to succeed in satisfying the requirements to obtain their Canadian licensing. Dr. Kadivar is also an active member of the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario, the Ontario Dental Association, the Academy of General Dentistry, the Medical Council of Iran, the Iranian Dental Association and the Iranian Ontario Dental Association.As a dedicated dentist, she focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of different problems related to a patient’s teeth, gums, as well as other parts related to the mouth. She offers instruction and advice on how to take care of the teeth and gums, including the recommended diet choice which may have an impact on overall oral health. She also promotes quality dental health, which includes the prevention of dental disorders. She believes that making even the smallest changes to a patient’s cosmetics and function can go a long way.

Dr. Hamed Nemati Rezvani,D.D.S

Dr. Hamed Nemati, an experienced internationally trained Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, has studied in Iran where he graduated in 2002 the Doctor of Dental Surgery program and then in 2014 the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery specialty program. As an Assistant Professor (Sep 2014 - Sep 2018), he tought dental students and OMFS residents, supervised their practices and some of their research projects and performed various major hospital based maxillofacial surgeries (e.g. trauma, corrective jaw surgeries, pathology) and minor office based oral surgeries (e.g. impacted teeth, advanced implant surgeries and oral reconstruction surgeries).

In Jan 2019, he became a licensed dentist in Ontario by participating in NDEB Equivalency program and has limited his practice to on-site oral surgery for the time being.In Jan 2020, he started an advanced program in orofacial pain management with University of Toronto.

2010 - present

2010 - present

Dr. Bishoy Shenouda, D.D.S.



Dr. Bishoy Shenouda is a graduate of Misr University for Science and Technology, Faculty of Dentistry in Cairo, Egypt (2009). He is an active member of the Ontario Dental Association (ODA), a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentisty, and the Royal College of Dental Surgeons. Dr. Shenouda is also a graduate of the Las Vegas Institute of Cosmetic Dentistry.  Dr. Shenouda likes all aspects of dentistry, however he takes a particular interest in cosmetic dentistry and ensuring that his patients have a pleasant and relaxing dental experience.


Dr. Shenouda’s philosophy is a patient centered approach, in which the patient’s chief complaint is the focus of the treatment plan. His goal is to make every patient feel as comfortable as possible by offering a compassionate environment.  He is meticulous about delivering high quality treatment with regards to form, function and esthetics.  Dr. Shenouda genuinely listens to each patient and develops treatment plans that are carefully tailored to individual needs. Patients love his approachable, friendly personality. He puts great emphasis on education and encourages his patients to understand and to be involved in their treatment plan. Dr. Bishoy is fluent in English and Arabic. 

Dr. Sam Barsoum, D.D.S

At a young age Dr. Barsoum was drawn to the field of dentistry. In pursuit of his dreams he attended the University of Alexandria and received his Bachelor of Dental Surgery.  He continued his education and graduated from the University of Toronto with a Doctor of Dental Surgery. To further his skill set and in pursuit of excellence he then attended UCLA for advanced crown and bridge certification. Dr. Barsoum is an advocate of higher learning and is constantly searching for ways to increase his knowledge base.  He has attended  countless courses on many aspects of dentistry but has a special interest in implant and cosmetic dentistry. This focus has led him to become a member of the implant study club for over ten years. Dr. Barsoum is a very valuable dental surgeon at Smile Dental Arts Centre and has over thirty years of experience.


Aside from his love of dentistry, he speaks four languages and has a special ear for music. His dedication to excel at all he loves is what sets him apart.

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